Jan 6 2014
The Seattle Seahawks 12th Man

12th manThe Seattle Seahawks 12th man is hard to reckon with. When someone mentions the 12th Man most people instantly think of the Seattle Seahawks and their home field advantage.

It is the loudest and most difficult stadium for visiting teams to play football at in the NFL, hands down. In recent years home field advantage has become an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks 12th man success.

As the Seattle Seahawks get better the 12th Man gets louder!

Seattle has a long tradition of being a loud place to play if not the loudest, first in the Kingdome and then Century Link field. In 1985 Seattle fans were so loud it prompted the NFL to create a series of noise reduction rules that home field teams had to abide by. Despite this the 12th Man still remained the loudest crowd in the NFL.  Seattle fans had such an impact on games in the 1980s that the Seattle Seahawks retired the number 12 on December 15th 1984 and the 12th man was officially recognized.

The number12 was only used by one player ever in the Seattle Seahawks franchise history and that was quarterback Sam Atkins from 1977 to 1981. Since then the number has always represented the fans of the Seattle Seahawks. Despite this tradition though the first football team to use the term Home of the 12th Man was actually Texas A&M in the 1920s, Seattle has just taken it to a whole new level.

2014 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions

Century Link Field, like the Kingdome before it, is easily the most difficult field to play on in the NFL. Especially in recent years when publicity and a few NFL teams which have served only to add to its fame. Century Link Field boasts the largest amount of false start penalties incurred by the visiting team and almost all of that credit is due to the 12th Man. In 2013 Seattle broke the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest stadium in the world. A week later Kansas City broke that record even though foul play was suspected by the crowd to alter the sound reading. Despite this, a couple months later, Seattle retook the title on Monday night football playing the New Orleans Saints by breaking Kansas City’s record noise with a decibel reading of 137.6 and has held it ever since. The Seattle Seahawks and the 12th man have one of the best overall at home winning percentages and up until a few months ago Seattle’s star quarterback Russell Wilson was undefeated at home managing almost 2 complete seasons of consecutive at home wins.

The 12th Man has played a key part in the Seattle Seahawks success and I believe they will only get better and louder.

When fans start realizing that they are able to affect the outcome of football games they will for sure only get louder and this is what makes the games in Seattle so exciting. The idea we the fans can help our team win if we just get louder is amazing and will help swell the ranks of Seahawk fans in the future.

In Seattle, there truly is a 12th player on that football field.

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