Jan 31 2014
Seattle Seahawks Journey to the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks  journey to the Super Bowl  has been an amazing ride.

hawksIn the beginning of the Seattle Seahawks season Coach Pete Carroll created one of his mantras for the team. Seen on top of the doorway leaving the locker room to the field is a big sign that reads “I’m In.”

I’m In!! 

As it turns out each and every player slaps their hand on this sign every time they would go through those doors.im in

This energy and mind set has been seen all throughout this season including Coach Carroll who brings this passion to the sidelines on each game day.

Seattle led the NFL in total defense (273.6 YPG).  They also were at the top of the league with 28 interceptions, (8 of them by Richard Sherman who tied a career high)  39 takeaways and a plus-20 turnover differential.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said “We certainly have a style that our whole team plays like, and we feel that we’re a physical and tough team, not just from a defensive standpoint, but really the collective whole group.”

2014 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions

Seattle’s offense had to work hard in their meetings with their division rivals the last three games, New Orlean’s Saints, San Francisco 49er’s, and the San Diego Chargers.

Russell Wilson was able to come up with some pretty big plays when the times were needed on his journey to the Super Bowl.super bowl

Obviously the Seattle Seahawks are thankful for their journey to the Super Bowl.

Having played in New Jersey earlier this year when the Giants hosted the Seahawks may turn out to be a huge advantage for Seattle over Denver.

Coach Carroll indicated there has been great compassion from not just the coaching staff but the players and everyone involved with the organization including the 12th man.

While leaving and heading out in their bus on their journey to the Super Bowl at Met-Life Stadium in New York the Seahawks encountered hundreds of the 12th man from the parking lot at team headquarters and twice as many as that on the onramp of the freeway and all along their path to the airport. The 12th man lined up waving and cheering their favorite team as they drove down the freeway. In sections even pulling over to the side and getting out of their cars to give their support in typical #12 fashion.

The Seahawks have had something special since last summer. I believe It will make a difference in this Super Bowl.

Seattle’s Key to winning Super Bowl XLVIII

Seahawks are going to have to contain Manning by not allowing him time to get his passes off. This is easier said than done but Seattle does have the best defense in the NFL so it should be an intense match up.

The Seahawks defense is strong, and big.  They also are great at reading passing routes.  These guys are a close group not only on the field but off the field as well. This is probably what has made them play so well together. They study film together and their work history is top notch.

I believe this will make a huge contribution to aiding in a Seahawks victory. In short the Super Bowl will be decided between the Legion of Boom and Payton Manning’s passing.

seahawks  plane

Seattle Seahawks Journey to the Super Bowl has been a fun filled time for everyone involved including the 12th man.

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