Jan 26 2014
2014 Super Bowl: Seattle Seahawks Vs Denver Broncos

the super bowl matchupThis years 2014 Super bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will be held at the Met Life stadium in New York on Feb 2 2014.

This 2014 Super Bowl the Seattle Seahawks defense will need to cover the Denver Broncos receivers extremely well to keep the Broncos from getting in the end zone.

If Manning has open targets he is lethal.  If Seattle’s Defensive line can get to him 48th superbowl matchupquickly they should be able to knock him down a few times before he has time to get his passes off.  Manning is not a great scrambler so the Hawks should be able to get thru their line a handful of times. The key to winning the game for Seattle will be stopping the Denver passing game. The best secondary in football is going to go up against the best passing offense in football. I think that Denver will have a hard time playing against this brutal NFC styled hard-hitting Seattle defense. It will also be interesting to see how the officials decide to call the game because if they are sticklers about downfield contact and hit placement the Seahawks, being the most penalized team in the NFL, will have a tough time.

If the Offensive line can block well then the Beast can improve his rushing yards per carry.  If the Hawks come out with a solid run game and Wilson comes out with some nice completions then the Hawks should be able to control the tempo of the game.

Last Sunday Denver shut down the Patriots run game for the entire duration of play and this cannot happen in the Super Bowl if the Hawks want to pull out a win.

Additionally the Broncos secondary is ranked very low in stopping the pass and this should allow for Wilson to get some passing done which he has been unable to do in the last few games.,

The Broncos last visited the Seahawks at Century Link Field on August 17 2013.

They lost that game 10-40. In that game Brandon Browner returned a kickoff for 107 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately the NFL league, for violation of substance abuse, has since suspended him.

Jermaine Kearse also had a run back for a touchdown.  The Broncos had some turnovers, which led to the Seahawks making this a blowout of a game.

The Broncos are now healthy with players playing at full speed. They also have found their chemistry as a team.

Throughout the season the Seahawks have been hampered by penalties.  To win the 2014 Super Bowl they will have to have a perfect game and will have to limit the amount of penalties.

After playing the 49ers the Seahawks are back to their old selves. Prior to that game the Seahawks offense was dismal at best.  No matter what they did they couldn’t produce effectively.  If it were not for the #1 Defense in the league the Hawks would have never made the playoffs.

 All eyes are turned to MetLife stadium in New York for Super Bowl XLVIIsuperbowl 1

The game should be very intense and the key areas of play will be Manning and his passing game versus the Legion of Boom and the Seattle secondary. Additionally Seattle’s running game will also decide the game, if the Broncos cannot stop the Beast it will open up play action passes for Wilson to make downfield.

You will also see two entirely different styles of quarterback this Super Bowl.

Manning is a proven veteran and is a rhythm pocket passer whereas Wilson being a boot leg scrambler and with this also being his second season in the NFL. It will be the veterans versus the new kids on the block and only the best will take the win.

I cannot go away from this article without the mention of Richard Sherman.  A lot of talk in the media about how he has talked smack about Michael Crabtree.

The rivalry started where both attended a  charity event put on by Larry Fitzgerald off the Arizona Cardinals in the off season.  There were words exchanged at this event and according to Richard Sherman’s brother, Branton, Crabtree tried picking a fight with Sherman.

After that day Sherman vowed stating “I’m going to make a play and embarrass him,” This is apparently what started the riff between the two players.

If you watch the replay of the film from the game with the 49er’s you can see Sherman run after Crabtree and give him a slap on the back side and continuing running around to his front side with his hand extended.  Rather than give a courtesy handshake back Crabtree chose to shove his hand into Sherman’s face mask which caused the 49er’s a personal foul penalty.

What hurt Sherman and the Seahawks was the after game interview with Richard Sherman where he spoke out of emotion rather than as a gentleman.  He since has apologized for his remarks and has moved forward focusing on the Super Bowl.

The ending of the NFC Championship game has created a media explosion centered around Richard Sherman and the Seahawks.

It will be critical for Sherman and the Legion of Boom to put their money where their mouth is and shut down Manning and the Broncos.

2014 Super Bowl  is shaping up to be a huge event both on and off the field and I cannot remember so much hype as there is today going into the Super Bowl.

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