Feb 4 2014
2014 Super Bowl: The Seattle Seahawks wipe out the Denver Broncos

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The popularity in the Super Bowl has grown year over year.

The 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII has set a record for the most-watched television event in U.S. history, drawing in 111.5 million in viewership.

The nation kept their interest in this game even though the Seahawks were up 22-0 by halftime.


2014 Super Bowl: The Seattle Seahawks wipe out the Denver Broncos

2014 Super Bowl XLVIII was very surprising for most of America, except for Seattle. For the last two weeks the experts and the media spouted off stat after stat on just how good Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were. The Broncos had a record setting season including scoring the most overall points of any time in the regular season and all of it just didn’t matter because the Seattle Seahawks completely dominated them from beginning to end.

Seattle runs away with the 2014 Super Bowl

This Super Bowl was for Seattle and the 12th man. The first snap from the Broncos was botched while Manning was trying to audible and sends the ball flying into Denver’s end zone. Moreno recovers and is tackled for a safety, 12 seconds into the game; that’s right 12 seconds. This was also a record for the fastest points ever scored in a Super Bowl.The Seahawks turn came up and Wilson and company drove down field for a field goal. Percy Harvin had a key play with a huge run on the second play of the drive that got the Seahawks into field goal range.

Manning and company came up next with a chance to respond to the Seahawks 5-0 lead. The Broncos drive down the field but were swiftly stopped by a Kam Chancellor interception and results in another Seattle field goal.

From this point on the Seahawks never looked back, scoring  further two touchdowns in the second quarter and the Broncos unable to respond with any points of their own.

The Seattle Seahawks proved in this 2014 Super Bowl that defense wins Championshipssuperbowl stats

“The only way we could say we were the best defense was to take down the best offense,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said.

“Maybe defense wins championships, after all,” observes CBSSports.com NFL writer Will Brinson. “The Seahawks made the case for such a statement Sunday night in the crisp, northern air, demolishing the best offense in NFL history.

The saying Defense wins championships was once again proven correct in the 2014 Super Bowl. The number one ranked defense of the Seattle Seahawks thoroughly destroyed Peyton Manning and the number one ranked offense of the Denver Broncos by forcing 4 turnovers by the game’s end.

The 2014 Super Bowl was a victory for the Seahawks and all of the 12th man in Seattle

An interesting fact about the 2014 Super Bowl and Seattle’s 12th man: the first points scored via the safety were 12 seconds into the first half and the first points scored in the second half by a Percy Harvin kick off return to the end zone took 12 seconds.

Many Seattle Seahawk fans have bitter memories of Super Bowl XL and the terrible defeat suffered there. This Super Bowl was incredibly different and it was also the Seahawks first ever Super Bowl victory.

The Seattle Seahawks would take nothing less than total victory for the 2014 Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl  Champions

“We’ve been relentless all season,” quarterback Russell Wilson said. “Having that mentality of having a championship day every day. At the end of the day, you want to play your best football and that is what we did today.”

The Seahawks have been getting quite popular with their quotes and mind set lately and this win proves that there is power behind what they are saying. Nearly half the roster is undrafted players and ALL of them had zero Super Bowl experience prior to this game.

“This is an amazing team. Took us four years to get to this point but they never have taken a step sideways,” Coach Pete Carroll said. “These guys would not take anything but winning this ballgame.”

Pete Carroll has shown that you don’t need a number one draft pick College Football sensation to make a huge difference in the NFL. In fact almost all of the big names we hear about today on the Seahawk roster were never even picked in the 1st or 2nd round such as Russell Wilson (3rd Round), Kam Chancellor (5th Round), and Richard Sherman (5th Round).

The 2014 Super Bowl is into the history books

lombardi trophyComparisons are already being made between the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens in just how good the Seattle Seahawks were in the 2013-14 season, especially in regards to their defense.

“I hope we etched out names in the history books,” Richard Sherman said.

Seattle has changed the way NFL is played and will be played for years to come. In a day and age where the rules are heavily favored for the offense and allowing large amounts of points to be scored the Seahawks proved that good old fashioned hard hitting defense is still better than the best offense. You can expect many teams to start mimicking Seattle’s defensive style and hard hitting enthusiasm.

Here is a quick break down of the records set or tied for a Super Bowl:

• Quickest Score From Start of Game – 12 seconds, Seattle
• Most Playing Time In The Lead, Game, Team – 59 minutes, 48 seconds, Seattle
• Most Completions, Game – 34, Peyton Manning
• Most Receptions, Game – 13, Demaryius Thomas
• Most Super Bowls Lost, Team – 5, Denver
• Most Completions, Game, Team – 34, Denver

• Most Receptions, First Half – 7, Demaryius Thomas
• Most Two-Point Conversions, Game – 1, Wes Welker
• Most Safeties, Game — 1, Cliff Avril
• Most Touchdowns, Kickoff Returns, Game – 1, Percy Harvin
• Most Safeties, Game, Team – 1, Seattle
• Fewest Touchdowns Rushing, Game, Team – 0, Denver
• Fewest Times Sacked, Game, Team – 0, Seattle
• Fewest Times Sacked, Game, Both Teams – 1, Denver vs. Seattle
• Fewest Times Intercepted, Game, Team – 0, Seattle
• Fewest Punts, Game, Team – 1, Seattle
• Fewest Punt Returns, Game, Team – 0, Seattle
• Most Touchdowns, Kickoff Returns, Game, Team – 1, Seattle
• Fewest Fumbles, Game, Team – 0, Seattle
• Fewest Turnovers, Game, Team – 0, Seattle

• Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders, Super Bowl XVIII, Jan. 1984: 23 years, 302 days
• Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh, Super Bowl X, Jan. 1976: 23 years, 317 days
• Tom Brady, New England, Super Bowl XXXVI, Feb. 2002: 24 years, 184 days
• Malcolm Smith, Seattle, Super Bowl XLVIII, Feb. 2014: 24 years, 212 days

As Super Bowls go however for most of America this one might have been a bit boring

superbowl day

since Seattle dominated from start to finish.

But for Seattle Seahawks fans this 2014 Super Bowl game proved that they really are that good and that all the “experts” and

“analyzers” really were that wrong.



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